Generally I agree with you in that there is a lot of overlap between the two types of groups. However, there's a picture right on this page that shows 4 Oath Keepers who are black. It goes against the stereotype and is honestly something I didn't expect. I guess it just shows that paranoia and ignorance are found… » 8/26/14 12:27pm 8/26/14 12:27pm

I played a ton of dota2 before quitting right before TI3. I felt my sanity cracking more and more every game, having to listen to people yell at each other (half the time, they weren't even right). TI4 got me excited again and I tried a few games. Same old 'kill yourself faggot', 'uninstall noob', and 'report… » 8/06/14 2:46pm 8/06/14 2:46pm

This is a pretty common myth. First, you can't just sell one type of meat as another, that is illegal. Sometimes substitutes exist, like imitation crab meat, which is just cheap white fish shaped like "crab" but it is clearly labeled as such. I have never seen any actual evidence that backs these statements up, it… » 6/19/14 9:33am 6/19/14 9:33am

I just stopped halfway through the article to comment about all of the mistakes. Almost every entry has a grammatical error. Even if English isn't the author's first language, it should have been passed through an editor. The errors are pretty distracting. » 6/13/14 3:13pm 6/13/14 3:13pm

There are service monkeys, called "Helper monkeys", often for quadriplegics. I think you don't see them as much because A) there are not that many quadriplegics , B) They are expensive and take a long time to train. I have no idea but I imagine its harder to fully train a monkey to be as helpful and docile as a dog… » 6/11/14 2:57pm 6/11/14 2:57pm

On a flight to Seattle a few year ago, the Dragonball:evolution was the in flight movie..and I watched it out of boredom. Halfway through, they announce that they made a mistake, and they were actually supposed to be showing some other movie..which they then put on....and we only made it halfway through that before… » 6/06/14 2:10pm 6/06/14 2:10pm